Anthony Bernulf Hodge
Skyfield Studio
Origins - Out of Cornwall
The Nature of Landscape
Metaphysical - Concepts of Being, Substance, SpaceTime, Identity
Me Myself and I - A Cathartic Experience
The Nature of Landscape
Group 5 - 'Seasonal and Weather Changes'
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Studies in the effect of sudden changes to aspects of landscape.
45. 'Edge of Hill'
It is only bleak for those who forget the cycle of life, for Spring rides on the wind.
46. 'Timebridge'
Ever witnessed an event where the Heavens entwine the Earth, and just for a while, this could be anywhere and at any time?
47. 'The Day The Wind Blew' A
By day and night it refused to be moved, the day the wind blew.
48. 'The Day The Wind Blew' B
49. 'Reflections on a Winter's Eve'.
A hot drink, a warm fire and some creative thoughts.
50. 'Fallen Orchard'
Such fruit as you would not believe it has given us, and now in it's final throws; a treasure trove once again, for the woodpeckers.
51. 'Black Mountains'
52. 'Cotswold Panorama'
53. 'One Day's Journey'
A ride out in the car, a circle completed, with fleeting memories as the landscape flies past. But can one really take it all in? Yet enough impressions are left in my mind to enjoy the day.
54. 'At the Top of the Hill'
Early Spring. Just waiting for the Badgers to re-appear.
55. 'Reflections in a Pool'
On the bank by the weir, where looking down can also be looking up, but which is up and which is down, as the cool clear waters of time pass by?
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