Anthony Bernulf Hodge
Skyfield Studio
Origins - Out of Cornwall
The Nature of Landscape
Metaphysical - Concepts of Being, Substance, SpaceTime, Identity
Me Myself and I - A Cathartic Experience
The Nature of Landscape
Group 4 - 'Ecological Concerns'
The enormous loss of orchards and scrubland in the Vale of Evesham, together with their indigenous habitat, is now all but a memory; except for small isolated pockets.
But of course it does not have to be like this. Recovery, if permitted, can be swift, but do we care enough?
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24. 'The Vanishing Woods'
25. 'Vanishing Landscape' A
26. 'Vanishing Landscape' B
27. 'Against The Wind'
28. 'Derelict'
29. 'Derelict - Reclaimed'
An observation on the changes taking place from what was once a collection of farm workers corrugated tin sheds, now abandoned and fallen down. Only to be reclaimed by nature in a burst of undergrowth, brambles, saplings and weeds, all creating another sanctuary for wildlife.
30. 'Illusions of Landscape'
Concerns about the onset of the human concrete jungle into 'green field' sites.
31. 'Wind farms'
I see a time when Wind farms will be so valued, as to be disregarded as just a natural element, a part of nature itself, the 'new trees' for life.
Group 5 - 'Seasonal and Weather Changes'
32. 'Autumn's Pool'

Looking into and reflecting back from one moment in time.

33. 'Day after Day'

34. 'From Sunrise to Sunset'

35. 'Elemental'
The first 'cold snap', the bare branches and bramble outline and emphasize the inevitable, awesome approach of winter.
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