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Me Myself and I - A Cathartic Experience
Me Myself and I - A Cathartic Experience

This body of work covers the period from June 1993 to 2000. It is a chronological response in pictures to an unusual experience. As a result of an unfortunate case of medical negligence, where suddenly I found one day in June 1993 that on recovery from, what should have been a routine, small back operation, that firstly one arm and hand was not functioning properly, and then later to discover that my other arm and hand was also going that way too.
The consequences of the above for me personally and my family; plus the additional trouble of handling the subsequent and necessary claim for compensation for loss of job, business, skills, livelihood etc, lasted the best part of seven years to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

The case was now over but sadly not the condition of both my arms and hands, which would not recover. Coming to terms and living through it all forms the core of this folder of work. The basis of which are simply and quickly drawn sketches on paper, as the control of my ability to draw was sadly diminishing; so it was down to capturing the ‘moment’ of what was being felt at that time.

Painting with any serious period of artistic study was out of the question, but I kept these drawings in sequence hoping that one day they could somehow be expanded upon. Then came the revolution in computer graphics technology. The thought of which at first was anathema to me, but after a brief period of experimentation, it seemed like the only solution.

On playing with the equipment I found that much of my skills could still be used and by similar traditional art methods too. My original drawings and images could be scanned into the computer, and then by limiting my hand movements, to working within a postage stamp size, I had reasonable control for short periods of time. Colour and further modeling was then added to each picture and very slowly this collection took shape.

Having been able to complete this work has been a ‘cathartic experience’ for me. It is a visual story that describes changes, at first from confusion to concern and worry, through a period of great sadness, pain, despair and serious depression, to with great help, being lifted up again regenerated, and ready to move on.

I appreciate that we all have our ups and downs in life, but if this body of work can have any value and possible encouragement for another then it has been worthwhile doing.

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'Nerve Sensations' 2.
An intuitive attempt to describe and understand my damaged nerves, and for me, one of the last paintings it was possible to do, but that's ok.
* For anyone who may be experiencing serious pain, I hope these guidance notes may be of some help :-

'Being in control of your pain'