Anthony Bernulf Hodge
Skyfield Studio
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Two new Sculptures titled - 'The Dice of Humanity' and 'Critical Mass' -

were on display in Coventry Cathedral UK from September to November 2016.

Photos of the exhibition can now be seen in

The Sculpture Gallery


From May 2014 to Sept 2015

A selected group of my pictures was exibited for the first time in

London UK at the newly opened -

'Shape Arts' Gallery,

155 The Street,Westfield, Stratford, London. E20 1EJ.

See some photos taken at the official opening



A B Hodge. BA. Cert Ed FE. Born 1950 Wiltshire UK. Obtained a Degree in Art and Design at Loughborough College of Art 1972. Up to 1993 I had always worked in the field of art and design both as a practising artist/craftsman and college lecturer. Then quite suddenly and unexpectedly in June 1993 an event occurred that stopped me in my tracks.

See - Me Myself and I - a Cathartic Experience

From 1997 onwards I have been gradually adding to my collection of digital fine art images, and recently was able to print out a selection of the images seen on this website. The first of which went on sale in a London gallery in 2014. The inspiration for this work has always come from the natural forms, colours and seasonal variations inherent in the surrounding British countryside and it's coastlines.

International Association of Web Masters and Designers. 2.1.2005.
'Congratulations. Your site has been reviewed and chosen to bear the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award. You have obviously worked very hard. Proudly display your award'.
Art Space 31.1.2005.
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Exhibition Visitor Numbers
I am very pleased to announce the 'annual' update of visitor numbers to this exhibition site since it opened in
January 2004 :-
Since January 2011 these figures now include visitors to Will and Elizabeth Hodge's Gallery as well as my own. A good number of viewers are choosing to visit this web site for more than 15 minutes and often up to one hour at a time, many thanks to you all.
As always I value any comments and feedback you might care to send me. It is my intention to continue to find ways to keep the site interesting and add to it where possible. Hope you will continue to enjoy the exhibition, and perhaps choose to recommend it to others.
31.12.2018. Anthony B Hodge.

UK Web Archive - preserving uk websites

In June 2010 this website was selected and archived by the UK Web Archive - provided by the British Library. The good news is that when I can no longer afford to maintain this current website, my collection of work arranged in the form of this exhibition will still be available for people to view, hopefully for generations to come. To visit the UK Web Archive, please click HERE , but the 'Skyfield Studio' link will probably not be activated until this website closes down at an appropriate time in years to come, yet to be decided. Anthony B Hodge. July 2010.

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