Elizabeth Hodge - Spinner and Weaver
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I live in the Vale of Evesham, in the county of Worcestershire, England, UK. As a family, we have lived here over 30 years.

I took up spinning after being intriqued by finding a stone spindle whorl and various clay loom weights and other objects in a ploughed field next to our orchard. It turned out to be the location of an iron age archaeological site. The spindle whorl worked and made useful yarn. After this I progressed to a 'Louet S51' modern wheel and so began this whole process.

There are several wheels and three main looms at the moment and all that goes with it.

Mainly spinning yarn for my own knitting and weaving, that includes rugs, wraps, throws, shawls etc. Some of these are for sale and if you would like me to spin or weave something for you please contact me.

I am a member of the internet group 'Ravelry' and my username there is 'moonmoss'