Will Hodge : About
Will Hodge

British Contemporary Artist

Will Hodge graduated from Surrey Institute Of Art and Design with a BA (Hons) in Animation in 1994.
"I love creating artwork, my main medium is pastels, especially the vibrancy of colours and immediacy possible with them.

For me, pastels are half painting, half drawing.

My inspiration comes from all around . The places lived, and paths travelled.

I have two main styles, with the landscape and portraits, trying to create an everlasting, evocative moment within the picture is the goal.

The other style comes from my imagination where I am attempting to link ideas through visuals. A lot of my more graphic work is influenced by my work as an animator".
Since leaving college Will has worked in the animation industry as a stop frame animator.Working mainly on television shows and feature films. Most notably being the films 'Chicken Run', 'Fantastic Mr.Fox', and recently 'Frankenweenie'. Tv shows, include 'Morph', Pingu' , 'Rastamouse' and the Bafta award winning 'The Clangers'. 'Chuck Steel, Night of the Trampires' film. 2018, and new Feature Film called 'Strike' released 2019.

An Exhibition in the 'Sho Gallery', Cardiff, Wales.