Anthony Bernulf Hodge
Skyfield Studio
Origins - Out of Cornwall
The Nature of Landscape
Metaphysical - Concepts of Being, Substance, SpaceTime, Identity
Me Myself and I - A Cathartic Experience
Me Myself and I - A Cathartic Experience
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30. 'My Way Home'
It was like trying to find ones way home in the dark.
31. 'Inner Space' 5
Looking within, the micro world of my being, controlling pain.
32. 'Hand of Evolution'
Some cosmic thoughts on the energy of life.
33. 'Just One Step Beyond'
Looking to the future, anticipating changes, facing fears.
34. 'Edge of Decision'
35. 'Lightway'
Drawing on the cycle of nature and it's energy, rejuvenation.
36. 'Fences'
Can't go back, it's time to move on.
37. 'Within and Without'
The realization of self -
self worth through meditation and to control pain.
'All Those Possibilities'
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