Anthony Bernulf Hodge
Skyfield Studio
Origins - Out of Cornwall
The Nature of Landscape
Metaphysical - Concepts of Being, Substance, SpaceTime, Identity
Me Myself and I - A Cathartic Experience
Origins - Out of Cornwall
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44. 'Elemental Charge'
Exploring the elemental nature of the Cornish coastal landscape.
45. 'Cliffwalking', Lizard coastline
By de-constructing it's elements, hence the three primary colours together with fragmentary slicing and step like features, to gain a greater insight and appreciation of that experience.
46. 'Pathway Series - Tracks'
47. 'Pathway Series' study 1
The following studies were part of a collection that explored the patterns and textures from overlaid impressions in soft earth that dried up. Of shoes,where a temporary mark is witnessed and captured in time, almost like a fossil print. See -
Ceramics -Renaissance and Pathway Series
48. 'Pathway Series' study 2
49. 'Pathway Series' study 3
50. 'Making Tracks'
51. 'The North Coast'
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