Anthony Bernulf Hodge
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Origins - Out of Cornwall
The Nature of Landscape
Metaphysical - Concepts of Being, Substance, SpaceTime, Identity
Me Myself and I - A Cathartic Experience
Origins - Out of Cornwall
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17. 'Edge of Dartmoor'
Studies of the colours, patterns and textures that abound in the structure of the landscape.
18. 'Patchwork'
19. 'Across the Moors' with Sam.
Sam was my dog, who once companioned me on a long walk round the Cornish Coastal Footpath in 1990 and hundreds of others too. This picture is a surreal memory across Bodmin moor, influenced by it's foggy illusionary nature, and it's worn rolling exposed tops. A fallen windswept branch, a sheep's skull; where ancient drystone banks cast their shadows beside sky water reflections in a bog. In reality I never actually took Sam there, always wished I had. But one day as the drawing progressed, he walked over it with muddy paws.
20. 'Hidden landscape'
Inspired by the rugged nature of moorland, granite and bleached bones. One is invited to 'see' a multitude of structures in this weather worn landscape, and becomes immediately aware of a stark reality at the cutting edge of survival.
21. 'CliffScape'
A study around the geology of rock formations, seen as a huge time capsule now exposed by the elements.
22. 'Follow the Wind'
A Dartmoor valley. Encapsulating it's element, the scent and force of the wind against a withered Blackthorn tree, precariously holding on over a rock edge.
23. 'Edge of Dartmoor in Winter' Study.

I looked back across the moor and noticed a huge and somewhat menacing cloud covering the top of the highest ridge. I saw that it had completely obliterated an evergreen woodland that lay along the line of the hill and together with the covering of snow, it had radically changed the appearance of the landscape.

24. 'Boatshell Creek'

A memory as a lad, of canoeing up one of the tributaries of the Fowey river in Cornwall, where through clear water one could see strange shadows, sandy banks, muddy pools and skeleton like shells of the long abandoned wooden boats, magnificent and proud even in their decay.

25. 'Beyond the Sea Wall'

A fine day out, when the sunshine and invigorating breeze captures the imagination, with an invitation to just sail away.

26. 'Return to the Sea Wall'

But, return when the tide is out, and a cold winter wind rising, one is perhaps thankful not to have to venture beyond the sea wall.

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