Anthony Bernulf Hodge
Skyfield Studio
Origins - Out of Cornwall
The Nature of Landscape
Metaphysical - Concepts of Being, Substance, SpaceTime, Identity
Me Myself and I - A Cathartic Experience
Origins - Out of Cornwall
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9. 'Out of Landscape'
A wealth of ideas floating round my head; a saturation of shapes, colours, patterns and textures; ready to be exploited.
10. 'Thoughts around Boscastle'
There are places which offer a abundance of inspiration, it is like tuning into new energies.
11. 'The Moving Stones'
For me, going down to the sea is always a new and fresh experience, even to a familiar bay, for nothing stays the same.
12. 'Yesterday, remembered in a dream'
The continually changing mood of landscape, sparked by remembering the evocative odours from seaward, looking inland along the North coast.
13. 'Storm Echoes'
Around Zennor, near Land's End,
one could sense the intensity of a winter storm hewn in every exposed feature.
14. 'Tactile Thoughts' study
The interplay between elements of form, texture, colour, light and shade were all being absorbed together when out walking. See -
Ceramics - Cove and Seaside Series
15. 'Floating Forms' study
16. 'The Setting Sun'
Thoughts on the current state of the Cornish fishing industry. It is as if the fishermen have been caught by their own nets. That their ancient understanding of living with the sea has been allowed to be abused, with inevitable consequences.
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