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More writings about sculpture 1 and 2

Some further notes for Teachers that could be adapted to suit young people of all ages, in the hope it will make their viewing the two sculptures more fun and interesting, when they visit the exhibition at Coventry Cathedral.

Coventry Cathedral - Sculpture Exhibition - September to November 2016


Some background notes written by the artist, which could be adapted for all ages to
encourage young people to look and think about Art, in this case Sculpture, and
hopefully then appreciate more about the ideas that lie behind them. This is in addition
to the information that will be on display with the 2 sculptures, which can also be found
on his website at - -


Introduction - These sculptures are full of Symbols. Can you spot them?

‘A symbol is a visual image or sign representing an idea - a deeper indication of
universal truth.’ ‘Symbols are a means of complex communication that often can have
multiple levels of meaning.’
Heinrich Zimmer.

Sculpture no.1 - ‘THE DICE OF HUMANITY’ - Looking from the ground up -

The SAND COVERED BASE MAT is deliberately made of polythene, because
polythene is made from oil; and there has been a lot of discussion in recent years
about the need to, or ethics and consequences of, extracting shale oil around the world
at this time.

The CIRCLE OF STEEL CHAIN represents Humanity’s apparent inability to break
away from old habits that can damage planet Earth. Can you find the weak link, that
could break the chain?

What does a MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE mean to you ?

What happens when you build CASTLES MADE OF SAND on a beach?

Has anyone noticed that the castle shaped bucket appears to be hovering above the
sand? What could be happening on the beach? - Undermining as the tide comes in.
Sometimes these things are happening all around us and we don’t realise it until it is
too late.

THE VICE - as a piece of equipment. What was it traditionally used for? How are they
made? What could it be representing here? - Heavy industry, Iron casting and forging -
The history of the Industrial Revolution.

THE IMAGE OF THE CHIMNEY - With it’s thick dirty smoke belching out. But notice
that it looks also like an arm, with hands in sublimation and prayer. What does this
image mean for you?

THE CUBE - Hung in balance, like time is standing still, waiting. Which way will the
Dice fall? Where are we choosing to go as a Human Race?

THE DICE NUMBERS - Have you noticed they are very dark in colour, when usually
they are painted white. Why do you think this could be?

- Could it be that they are now very dirty, because of pollution, like the many old
buildings in industrial cities, when coal was used in great quantities everywhere for
burning, creating so much localised pollution and smog.

- We can’t change what has happened in the past in our evolution, but we can think
what would be best to do for the future.

THE 6 PANELS ON THE DICE CUBE - are changing in colour, like the colours in
Nature moving from Autumn into Winter. From 6 count down to 1.

On Panel 1 we can see one dark spot in what looks like a large are of Ice. What do you
think this might represent?

- It was created in recognition that in recent years there has been a great melting of
the North Pole Ice pack. It seems that when small areas of dark blue sea are exposed
in the pack Ice the warmer the sea becomes, which can then start a chain reaction
leading to more break up in the floating ice around, to a point when the Ice pack could
disappear altogether, with possible profound consequences.

Then again the panels can remind us there is always hope. For Life goes on in the
Cycle of Life Itself. With the Seasons moving from Autumn to Winter, there is the
promise of the Spring. A renewal, through to Summer, and round again. Hope springs


On top of the Dice Cube we can a BUTTERFLY. What is it doing there? What could it
mean? What type of Butterfly is it anyway? - It is a Marbled White Butterfly.

Have you ever heard of the BUTTERFLY EFFECT? It is a concept that small causes
can have large effects. If we could all find ways of living sustainably where each and
everyone of us lives, this could create a real butterfly effect as it is duplicated round the
world. What could you do today and in future to help?

Sculpture no.2 - ‘CRITICAL MASS’, the Dice of Humanity, Looking from the ground up

The POLYTHENE MAT BASE is a product made from oil. The colour is now dark blue
all over, like that which was predicted in the first sculpture.(see Dice panel no.1).There
has been much global discussion recently regarding the proposed exploration for oil in
the Arctic, and the possible consequences of such actions, not only for the region itself,
but also in terms of those who are still encouraging the human race to use up more
fossil fuels in an age when we urgently need to reduce our CO2 emissions and reduce
our Carbon Footprint in the World. This is an increasing problem If we are to meet the
targets agreed after the December 2015 Paris Conference on Climate Change.

The ICE PACK, in this sculpture, is now greatly reduced in size. It is broken up, and out
of which springs a giant figure, which represents the development of humanity. We are
our own Dice! That is to say, the human race is aware, and so is able to predict the
consequences of our actions, in the way we manage our lives in relation to Planet

THE RAINBOW COLOURS - We can see a progression of colours in the figure rising from Red, Orange, Yellow, green, Blue, Indigo through to Violet. The colours of the Rainbow that we are able to see. We can be reminded of God’s promise to Noah and Humanity in the Bible, see Genesis 9 - ‘This is the sign of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you for all future generations. ‘I set my bow in the cloud and it shall be a sign between me and the earth and (when) the bow is seen in the clouds I will remember my covenant….

THE CHEVRON STRIPES - Many chevron stripes can be seen moving up the figure.
Have you noticed that their spaces appear to become greater when there is a change
in direction, as it were, from the knees to the backside, and from the waist upwards?

The chevrons have been painted the colour of dried blood, that represent and record
the tremendous loss of human life through the centuries in the evolution of mankind.A
t certain points in time there has been rapid changes in direction that has led to
progress. Could we be at such a point now? This could be a real opportunity.

THE DICE DOTS - Have you noticed they are now clean and white again?

THE FIGURE appears to have sprung out of the pack Ice. Almost like a Jack in the
Box, where the top Dice has burst open to to reveal our new world, which has sprung
itself out of the single number 1 spot, in the countdown from 6 to 1.
I imagined that the figure of humanity has risen up out of the Arctic to support the new
Green World, floating on a Sea of Opportunity for the future.

LOOKING FROM ABOVE (see more pictures on my website at
we can see the energy vibrations reaching out into the depths of space, as represented
by the other printed images that surround the Globe, which could also be seen as the
head, brain and mind of humanity.
In other cultures, the 7 rainbow colours have another significant meaning, as they
represent the 7 centres of spiritual power rising up in the human body, called the
‘Chakras’. The Sanskrit word Chakra translates to a wheel. In Yoga and meditation this
term refers to wheels of consciousness and energy throughout the body; where each of
the 7 chakras has it’s own distinct character, and relates to a unique aspect of our

It is all about conscious evolution. Anthony B Hodge. 2016.

Sculpture Gallery 1 2 3