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Title - The Dice of Humanity.
Photographs taken in the 'Chapel of Christ the Servant', also known as the 'Chapel of Industry'
in Coventry Cathedral, UK.
September 2016.

The Dice of Humanity. Inspired from a quotation by Albert Einstein - 'God does not play dice with the universe'.

Extract from ‘New World New Mind, moving towards Conscious Evolution, by Robert Ornstein 
and Paul Ehrlich.1990 - 

“ Supposing Earths history were charted on a single years calendar with midnight January 1st representing the origin and midnight December 31st representing the present............. Then Homo Sapiens would emerge around 11.45 pm on the last day, and all that has happened in recorded history would occur in the ‘final minute
 of the year’.”

In this very short period of time we have created our cultural story.
 It is full of myths, legends, dogmas and beliefs, much of which has not changed in a millennia.
On the other hand, there has been such a rapid rise in technology and scientific understanding, it now underpins much of the world we have created.

We are caught up in a vice like grip of capitalism, founded on the Industrial Revolution, from which we are now facing many consequences,
much of which  impacts on climate change.
 It is as if we are still children building castles made of sand creating a system based on such great consumption which has foundations that are inevitably unsustainable.

We need a butterfly effect to help change our cultural story, what we believe about ourselves, in relation to each other, and with all other life forms, as well as with Planet Earth. 
From humility coupled with a greater appreciation of our world, can emerge responsibility and stewardship.

The Autumns shift of colours into Winter heralds the promise of Spring, through the cycle of life.
 It is time for us to change and adapt, we are on the Edge of Deliverance.

Anthony B Hodge. 2015. 

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Some more close up photographs taken at home
Acknowledgements - This sculpture was completed in 2014 by working on it gradually over a period of six months. It was chiefly constructed out of marine plywood having a lightweight structure with a ballasted base. It has been made out of about 70% recycled materials. The images on the large dice are digital art prints on watercolour paper, then mounted and set into the 6 panels. When displayed this sculpture was placed on a round 6ft wide sand coloured painted mat.

This sculpture designed as an interior display only, was made up of 5 sections which could be quickly assembled by three people. Height 2.62 mtrs (8.6 ft), maximum width 1 mtr (3.6 ft). As a project it would not have been possible to do without the assistance of my wife Liz and other members of my family at various stages. After having been exhibited, the sculpture was dismantled and recycled again in 2017.

Anthony B Hodge.

Sculpture Gallery 1. 2 3